11 de nov de 2012


Our study trip to Fortaleza with Tristão de Barros 3rd grades high school, on November 8th, was unforgettable as had been the João Pessoa's in October. Because of the distance, we got out Currais Novos at about 11: 55 P.M on the Thursday, and got in Fortaleza at about 6:00 A.M on the Friday. We visited many special places in many points of the city. Again we divided ourselves into two groups, two buses, and passed all day knowing the city's history and culture.

The first tourist point we saw was the Metropolitan Cathedral of Fortaleza and we could observe the beauty of his internal objects, as the photos can show below, mainly beacuse of the stained glass windows art, with the images of saints, that were repaired recently. That was a so great moment for the pupils and the teachers. 

 (Metropolitan Cathedral of Fortaleza - external view)

(Metropolitan Cathedral of Fortaleza - stained glass windows)

stained glass windows

church seats

stained glass windows

 Metropolitan Cathedral - original color - it can't be repaired

At the same time we looked at the 10th Military Basis, next to the Church, a too beautiful and well-concepted building. See:   

(10th. Military Region)

After that we went to the Ceará Museum where we saw many interesting things that takes part of the state history as well as of the Brazil's History, as for instance, the slaves freedom in 1884, four years before the "Lei Áurea", created in 1888.
(Ceará Museum)

(Ceará Museum)


(Without comments)

(Waiting to visit the museum)

(First map of Fortaleza)

(Meeting to decide the Slavery Abolition  - 1883; 
the Abolition in Ceará would happen in 1884, 
first of all the places in Brazil)

(D. Pedro II) 


 (Iracema's Sculpture))

At the same sector we viewed the Major Tibúrcio Square (Lions Square, as everybody knows), the Rosario's Church (attended exclusively by the slaves) and ACL - Academia Cearense de Letras (Ceara Academy of Letters), where we could know that it was the first Academy of Letters on Brazil, even before The Brazilian Academy of Letters. Ceará had some great writers and poets, like Rachel de Queiroz (first woman in an academy of letters) and José de Alencar, an icon of Brazilian Literature. The Photos below can show these moments, including the history of the preliminary Fortaleza.

(Lions Square)

(Igreja do Rosário - Rosary's Church)

(ACL - Academia Cearense de Letras)
(Ceará Academy of Letters)

(Tayná with Rachel de Queiroz)

(Beautiful canvas)

(ACL's Presidents Gallery)

(Public Seats - ACL)


(ACLs library)
Then we can appreciate Iracema Beach, whose the sight is marvelous. It's an important touristic place in Fortaleza that receives tourists of many parts of Brazil. See the following photographs:

(Iracema Beach)

 (Iracema Beach - my fearful feet )

(Iracema Shore - terrific)

(Iracema Beach)

After that we went to José de Alencar's Home, a pleasant and historic place, where we had a wonderful lunch, visited his birth's house, the engine's ruins and a gallery that reminded to his literary works, as Iracema, O Guarani, O Sertanejo, among others. It was a rich experience for all the visitors. The unique fail was that we didn't have a net to sleep there. The photos show us this fantastic moment:

(Engine's ruin)

(Waiting for the main time: the lunch)

(At lunch)


(Gallery - "Iracema")


(Engine's ruin)

(José de Alencar's birth home)

(Pictures exhibition related to the work "Iracema")

 The next place we visited in that terrific trip was Centro de Arte e Cultura "Dragão do Mar". That is - I think - the peak of tour. We had the opportunity of appreciate an Salvador Dalí exhibition, based on the Sacret Bible, and concepted on the surrealism. Beside that, we saw the Cowboy's Exhibition, with the history of these Sertão Nordestino's heros. We could enjoy, also, some photographic expositions with much creativity. It was really unforgettable. The pictures can say more.

(3D pictures - warn!)

(Salvador Dalí Canvas Exhibition - Terrific!)

(Salvador Dalí - The Sacret Bible)

(Luiz Carlos Felizardo's photographic exhibiton)

(Rogério Reis' Photographic Exhibition)

(Alexandre Sequeira Photographic Exhibition)

(The ancient and the modern - datashow projected to the stone)

(Aero Exhibition)

(Cowboy's Exhibition)

(Cowboy exhibition)

 "Sea Dragon" and Lidiane Pontes

After that all the people went to Central Market of Fortaleza and then we came back to Currais Novos, getting here at about 2:00 A.M. on the saturday, listening to Zé Ramalho's great songs. 

This travel means an end of a time, since the 3rd. grades are ending the high school and we will miss it very much.

It's that. 


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